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About me

I'm a positive and caring coach.

I am direct and honest with my clients because

I know, there is no time to lose. I won’t hold anything back. I always present my observations as possibilities, never as facts.


As we work together, we will quickly discover your strengths, which we will then rely on to move forward.


I am always 100% present with, and oriented towards, the people I work with. And they can feel it.

"I strive

to make your ideas and desires come to life"

À propos

What's coaching?

Coaching is about supporting and helping a person to find their own solutions and put them into action. In coaching, we start with the notion that everyone already has the answers and resources necessary to obtain their goals within them.


I like to use the analogy of your coach as a blind person walking by your side. They ask you to describe what you see, what you imagine, and what you feel.


They would never tell you where to go, or what to do. You are the only expert for your life, you know better than anyone what you want and what is good for you (though you may have stopped believing in yourself, or just stopped listening).

"Coaching offers a space

of reflection,

action, support and


This space has never felt

as important as

it does right now.

I create that space

for you."

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