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I called on a coach to start creating my professional project. The days go by and we rush headlong into whatever happens under our noses, and we realize that some or several things in our lives do not make us happy but without knowing how to identify these things and without taking the initiative to identify and change them by oneself.


Coaching helps me set deadlines for FINALLY putting all these initiatives into action in order to improve myself, live my passion, and discover my potential! I still have a lot of ideas inside me, but I needed a coach to get them started - I'm not lazy, but just lost in the overload of our daily lives.

Now I am not alone in this long and not always easy, job. I have an experienced person on my side, who gets me back on track when I go in all directions, accompanies me in my achievements!


Fanny is a caring and direct person, she does not mince her words because her job is to help you progress, to help you build on a solid foundation. Our sessions and her actions are of highest relevance, and she has a strong intuition.


I like coaching by phone with Fanny, it gives me the freedom to walk, move, in the garden, in the living room, on the couch... In the space that inspires me for each session, and every time it is different because it has been working non-stop!


—  Cécile | Suisse

I called on a coach because I wanted to try it to myself and see if it can help me become my best self, avoid hindrances and barriers and ultimately use the tools to help others either as a coach myself or non-professionally helping my family and friends.

Coaching has given me the time to think deeper about myself, my mishaps, about tools I could use to improve and helped me with identifying some of my major barriers and try to alleviate them.

Being coaching by Fanny is a fantastic experience. She made me feel at ease from the very beginning, she was very open but also firm, I knew I could trust her. She has a very friendly open and considerate attitude and is very professional in her approach and feedback. I really loved our time together.

I found it very helpful and it made me realise that it’s easy, like a walk in the park with your friends. At least that’s what Fanny made it feel like for me.


—  Katerina | Athens

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