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About me




After completing a double master’s degree in law (2008/2010) and spending twenty-five years in Paris, I moved to live and work in London and then in Shanghai. It is in Athens where I finally settled down in 2013, building a life with my Greek husband whom I had met 5 years before in 2008. 


In 2017, I hired a coach who really helped me finally put into words what my passion had been for so many years: coaching. I decided to get my training at one of the oldest and most prestigious coaching schools in America, “Coach-U,” and I have been coaching with passion ever since.


In 2020, I become Certified Coach ACC (Associate Certified Coach) by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).



I am a positive and caring coach. I am direct and honest with my clients because I know, there is no time to lose. I won’t hold anything back, and always present my observations as possibilities, rather than facts.


As we work together, we will quickly discover your strengths, which we will then rely on to move forward. I am always 100% present with, and oriented towards, the people I work with. And they can feel it.


Intuition plays a big role in my coaching, but it’s not about having some kind of third eye. Intuition is nothing more than the unconscious ability to capture and process a large amount of data (verbal and non-verbal cues, a pause or acceleration in the rate of speech, etc.) in a specific amount of time and then express in words what is felt. This skill will help us save time in our work together.


I strive to make your ideas and desires come to life.


My years of experience as a legal expert allowed me to develop an aptitude for helping you structure your thoughts and always stay focused on your vision. These skills also help me easily conceive of, and put strategies into action.


In my personal experience, I have learned that everything is possible. I often say that once we want something, we will find a way to get it. Or else we will find excuses.


  • Bachelor's degree in Business Litigation - 2009/2010
    University Paris Nanterre

  • Bachelor's degree in business law - 2008/2009 University Paris Nanterre

  • Private Law Degree - 2005-2008
    University Paris Nanterre


  • Advanced Coaching Program of the americain coaching school, Coach U - 2018/2021

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) - by the International Coaching Federation - 2020

  • Core Essentials Graduate from the american coaching school,  Coach U - 2018 

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