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What icoaching?

Coaching is about supporting and helping a person to find their own solutions and put them into action. In coaching, we start with the notion that everyone already has the answers and resources within them to reach their goals.


I like to use the analogy of your coach as a blind person walking by your side. Your coach ask you to describe what you see, what you imagine, and what you feel.


Your coach would never tell you where to go, or what to do. You are the only expert for your life, you know better than anyone what you want and what is good for you (though you may have stopped believing in yourself, or just stopped listening).


Your coach is someone who is present and supports you; will ask you questions (that you would not be able to ask yourself on your own).


Your coach will listen to you, without interrupting, without influencing you, and without ever judging you. With your coach’s help, you will put your ideas into action by implementing a simple, clear, and attainable strategy.


In each meeting, your coach will be present and dedicated to the achievement of your goals, allowing you to commit to doing things in order to progress. Gradually, you will learn to make these same commitments to yourself. 


People rely on coaches to identify what they really want so that they can direct all their attention and resources towards obtaining it.


Here are some common reasons why people hire a coach:


  • Going through a professional or personal transition

  • To quickly reach mid and long term goals

  • To be freed from whatever is holding them back

  • To understand and overcome fears

  • To gain self-confidence

  • To escape the loneliness of starting a business

  • To make an important decision

  • To improve personal and professional relationships

  • To change a behavior (stop feeling like you’re turning in circles)


Coaching deals with what YOU want, and not what others (society, family, friends) think you should want. And a good coach will help you differentiate the two.

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