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Improving communication in your relationship

Couple amoureux

I help you :


  • use your creativity and your sense of humor to defuse tension

  • take a step back and become conscious of recurring patterns

  • listen to and understand your partner to decipher their needs

  • identify what you want and communicate your needs

  • establish your boundaries with others and yourself

  • make your couple evolve according to the stages of life in which they find themselves

  • put yourself back at the center of your life and improve your self-confidence

  • identify necessary steps/changes and put them in place

  • learn to respond instead of react

recover from a separation

Mer calme

I help you :


  • learn to take care of yourself in order to take better care of others

  • gain self-confidence, learn how to speak about yourself

  • find and restore who you are

  • take back control of your life

  • communicate what is happening to you, surround yourself with good people, ask for help when you need it

  • bit-by-bit transform a challenge into an opportunity

  • learn to respond instead of react

  • take a step back to protect yourself

  • become aware of your potential and gain the self-confidence to let go

  • anchor yourself in the present and visualize the future

Personal development and self-confidence

montagne Sunset

I help you :


  • identify the things that you tolerate, and put a stop to them

  • articulate your personal and professional visions for the short, mid and long terms

  • identify your needs (recognition, validation, support, encouragement, attention), accept them and make sure they are met

  • limit all forms of procrastination

  • learn to put your behaviors, beliefs, values and principles into words

  • identify your strengths, interests, capabilities, talents and passions

  • identify and respond to your beliefs/what holds you back/obstacles

  • live in the moment and appreciate its perfection

  • restore your integrity (through the alignment of your thoughts and actions)

  • recognize and listen to your intuition

  • know your limits; learn to say “no” to others and yourself

  • take control of your life by accepting responsibility (whole or partial) for all that you do

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