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Your professional goals

Reorient yourself, find your career path

Open Space Office

I help you :


  • identify what you love and what you really want

  • identify your values and principles

  • identify your strengths, interests, capabilities, talents, and passions

  • clarify what success means to you

  • become aware of who you are (and what makes you unique)

  • identify the resources at your disposal

  • identify your beliefs/obstacles and respond to them

  • definitively eliminate some career options in order to concentrate on the ones you really want

  • recognize and put into words what others see in you

  • understand why you are resisting or not easily finding your voice

  • free yourself from the pressures of your family, society

  • get started, believe in yourself and achieve what you want

To be accompanied in entrepreneurship

Bureau moderne avec plancher en bois

I help you :


  • identify your short, mid and long term visions for your project

  • identify and articulate your priorities and how to act accordingly

  • voice your thoughts to identify recurring problems and find sustainable solutions

  • develop automatic procedures to free up some time

  • implement a strategy and put deadlines in place

  • improve the quality of your decisions and the speed at which you make them

  • overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship (hopelessness, isolation, drastic ups and downs)

  • find work/life balance

  • improve your time and stress management

  • learn to delegate

  • get started, believe in yourself and achieve what you want

Optimizing your time and stress management

Ordinateur portable et ordinateur portab

I help you :


  • identify, understand and better manage your stress triggers

  • identify and put in place new behaviors and new perspectives 

  • set boundaries; learn to say “no” to others and yourself

  • create a better work/life balance

  • know your values, strengths and capabilities

  • improve your communication with others

  • take a step back and learn to respond instead of reacting

  • improve your time management and the organization of your priorities

  • define your priorities, create realistic goals, and achieve them

  • become aware of the link between your assumptions, emotions and behaviors

  • become aware of your potential and rediscover the self-confidence necessary to let go

rebuilt yourself after a layoff or burnout

Fille aux bras tendus

I help you :

  • put words to what is happening to you

  • reclaim your self-confidence

  • forgive others and yourself

  • take care of, and refocus on yourself

  • rediscover your uniqueness, strengths and capabilities so you can begin to rebuild yourself

  • turn obstacles into opportunities

  • get back into the workforce without fear

  • improve your reflexes and stay focused on your goals

  • identify your projects and put them in action

  • develop your potential, your abilities and your creativity

  • identify your red flags and learn to better defend yourself

  • set your boundaries; learn to say “no” to others and yourself

  • take a step back from your professional situtation

  • anchor yourself in the present and visualize the future

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